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(...) In the works of Dénesh Ghyczy, the mirror becomes a distorting lens through which the subject is both broken and multiplied, rather than reflected single-sidedly. The birth of the post-modern subject occurs as follows: initially there is a fragmentation of modern and rational principles, then, as a result of its fragmentation and dispersion, it gives rise to today's society that is made up of multiple identities which occur simultaneously within each of us. With this awareness of the multiplicity of our identities and our roles, Ghyczy seems to suggest that the ‘univocal’ portrait, to which we have become so accustomed through the history of painting, has now become an ‘impossibility’, as the contemporary ‘I’ requires multiple points of view and angles in order to be seen and understood in its ‘totality’.

Taken from „Insight Inside“ by Dr. Nicholas David Angerame, May 2014